A scientific network
for collaborative consumption

Access to materials and equipment

Search for resources from laboratories around you. Access to available chemical reactives, biological materials and equipments around you and request it through the platform.

Save time

Stop losing waiting for providers delivery and start that urgent experiment or first trial by taking advantage of available resources.

Reduce costs and waste

Stop wasting resources you don’t use, exchange them! And so maximise your laboratory’s budget and run a more sustainable research.

Collaborate and connect

Be part of the global collaborative consumption wave meanwhile you build wider connections with other scientists over the world.

Get the last information

and be part of the first ones to know!

See what you can do
with LabNettings

Getting into the details...


Create your laboratory session and inventory. Upload/Fill your laboratory’s members and inventory. Have a common space for all coworkers to manage their resources together, place orders and share.

Manage your inventory.
Get notifications in advance for materials that are about to expire so you can exchange them for something you really need. Control which lab members can share those resources with other laboratories and easily change the share status for each item.


Take and share. Connect to other laboratories available resources, place requests for stuff you need and exchange for something you are not using. Access to available equipment around you, learn from the practical knowledge of the owner and make connections.

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